Saturday, 28 March 2009

Deal of the Day
$50 & Under: Crystal Safari  
Piccadilly Costume Jewelry bubbly baubles look as indulgent as a bagful of gumdrops and jawbreakers, and they're almost as cheap! 
Treat yourself to a few--we guarantee they won't go to your hips.

The Piccadilly Costume Jewelry Collection 
The Latest Celebrity Hottest Trends
An inexpensive and stylish way to accessorize! 
Crystal Safari  
Smooth gold 1/2" wide 
Double-hinged bangle
Safari Leopard head-shaped ends
 Studded in sparkling crystals
 2.5" diameter 
Perfect  high-end boutique style
Lead & Nickel Free 
Futuristic, imaginative and daring
MSRP:                      $39.99
OUR PRICE:            $26.75

Can you share any other suggestions for stylish accessorizing this season?

Photo: courtesy of Artie Mitterberg 

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