Saturday, 28 March 2009

$50 & Under: DESENHO Bangle

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$50 & Under: DESENHO Bangle 

Surround yourself in rich, decadent elegant costume jewelry. Piccadilly costume jewelry is a grand way to add sophistication and stunning fashion to any outfit.

Visionary styles and unique color combinations distinguish every Piccadilly Collection jewelry design. Using lush faux gems, metals and fine craftsmanship, each piece revolves around a centerpiece of great color.   It is the goal of the design group to bring the world's influences in history, to the art and to everyone who wears it.

The Piccadilly Costume Jewelry Collection 
The Latest Celebrity Hottest Trends
An inexpensive and stylish way to accessorize! 
Stunning DESENHO Bangle
DESENHO Striped Enamel
1 1/8" wide
Rhodium plated bangle
Black and red striped enamel
Centered black faceted faux jewel
Hinged closure  
2.5" diameter 
Department store quality
Futuristic, imaginative and daring
MSRP:                      $39.99
OUR PRICE:           $19.75

Can you share any other suggestions for stylish accessorizing this season?

Photo: courtesy of Artie Mitterberg 

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